" What would you do, if you were a rainbow my friend ? "

If I were a rainbow, i would like to wore each colour day by day.

On Monday, i could be red,
and dance with the flames by the ancient fireplace.

On Tuesday i would able to be Orange
The colour of the Happyness,
The colour of the youth
Only one day, in our too small life.

Every Wednesday I would has been Yellow,
and I surely had wonted to be the Sun,
to reach everywhere, and make happy everybody.

And during Thursday,
how beautiful could be as Green
Like the colour of the nature
Like the colour of the summer,
Plenty of happiness, finally reached.

At Wednesday I wold like wore Light Blue,
and I would be a little cloud
flying through the vaste quiet free sky.

And Saturday, I Could be Dark Blue
And I would be a midnight sea
Reflecting small stars, like music in the wawes.

On Sunday , the only colour I would wore
Would be Violet, the stange.
The colour of the Dawn, or of the Death.

Why I had to choose?
A new world, a new age, a new spirit.


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